Cuckhole of the Internet | 3/11/17

I am back. Trying to explains one life, who'st've'nt'gt'nt got one? Anywho, music has been doing good, well, in persay it's a nightmare process to do. Wet Nightmare(Someone needs to make that a thing) as you can say. OwO Anywho loveable fuckwads, my life has been going smooth, without me posting blogs. I guess I didn't feel like it, because I am a lazy cunt here. Well, in a short context. My month has been a mix between good and bad. Like an orgy, and a donut in the middle.(Wow, that made no fucking sense at all, well who to say someone won't be inspired after reading this to make an orgy like this happen. DO IT) Shit has been riding me like a horse, playing with my Midi controllers like an idiot, like for Christ's sake, I just be pressing a button like a retard doing the buttons like dun dun dun dun like, my face with no emotion but retardity like DUUUUHHH A day in a life of a starving artist. Ain't it a beautiful life? Look in my fridge, milk, butter, and mustard, and canned Bologna(This shit does exist), and food itself you thinking is a problem, HELL NO IT ISN'T, even though my parents pay for my rent(Bless their hearts) money is a fucking pain to get, even though I got a lousy fucking job, it is my only way of survival, whilst giving me little time to work on my music. IT IS A NIGHTMARE, these are the true thoughts of a starving Artist. They start believing one thing like "MONEY IS EVIL!" or "I DON'T NEED A JOB." OR "I'M GOING TO GET FAMOUS.", in the long run you may achieve your dream, but it's a fucking long ass road. In life, you need essentialties like food, money, and a job to care for yourself. I am the minority of starving artists who think like this, whilst others believe it is easy, but it isn't. A true starving artist, is a standing artist. Cuticide Signing Out.

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